Featured Artist - Kim and Nancy Sterling

Husband and wife, Kim and Nancy Sterling are the featured artists for February at Gallery One
and will be giving a demonstration of their art work on First Friday Feb. 7th between 5:30 and 7:30 PM.

The Sterlings had dated in high school in Seattle. Then life took them separate ways, Nancy Sterling was an art director and designer in Orange county, CA. before opening her own Ad Agency. Kim Sterling became a muralist working with the many new emerging Tech companies flooding the Silicon Valley in the early 70’s.  A chance encounter on classmates.com 38 years later brought them back together again. They married soon after and moved to Santa Cruz to combine their skills and create a new art adventure. Nancy, away from her mad world of deadlines, found a new passion creating dimensional clay wall hangings and sculptures that celebrate the textures, shapes, and colors that she loves. Meanwhile, technology in the valley was exploding and soon it became possible for Kim to create his large murals on a computer and print them using the new large format printing capabilities. This led him to become interested in smaller scale creative directions taking his digital photos and substantially manipulating them to recreate a sense of actually being in a captivating place rather than just capturing the look of it.

Seeking to slow down their pace and escape the chaos and intensity of the Bay area they sought to rediscover their Northwest roots and moved to Grants Pass in 2018. In the art world retirement is usually also called death so they have wisely decided to be semi-retired enjoying their new found art careers.

Pirouette printThe moorageHarvestMoon printGone FishingYosemite grandSpring print