Featured Artist: Marjett Schille

Garden of Eden Series

IMG 1470My series for the featured artist show at Gallery One in July is titled “Garden of Eden. Like many of us during the Covid Quarantine, I drew solace from nature, even if it was only in my backyard. I was struck by the differences reported about the environmental improvement due to the limiting of human activity such as driving and air travel. This show is about the beauty of nature and our connection to it. It is about hope that people will continue now to live in ways that allow nature to return. at least in part, to the Garden of Eden it once was.

I have completed several artist residencies in the Southeastern states where I used to live, partnering with the Nature Conservancy to focus on our connection to the earth and the importance of preserving it.

This current work is experimental in the use of mixed media ranging through acrylics, watercolor and ink. I strive to express the essence of an animal, bird or landscape through the emotional use of color, Often. I work out of doors, sometimes in remote locations directly from nature. During the time of Covid, I had to rely on memory and imagination to create these paintings.

IMG 1459