Judy Elliott

(541) 291-2121

Artist Statement

My inspiration for painting on silk is influenced by my experience while growing up in Hawaii with a family who appreciated art, music, exotic cultures, a love of nature, as well as my observations while hiking throughout Oregon. I particularly remember my father taking time-lapse photography of plants and animals on our various outings. Many years later, after reading countless articles about the perils of nature and its wildlife, I decided to express the urgency of man’s awareness and accountability for his role in this degradation.

While on tour in Turkey in 2011, I visited a silk carpet factory. This piqued my interest in painting on silk and I never looked back! My work relates to traditional painting; instead of painting on canvas, I use dye and resist on silk. As I developed my imagery, I created my own technique as a pictorial expression. I often focus on endangered species as a subject matter, with an emphasis on birds. The beauty of the natural world continues to please my soul and inspires me to create.


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